I took delivery of the T48NV, in March, about 3 days before the country closed down, so I must admit, it sat under my stairs for a couple of weeks before I had a good look at it. When I took it out properly, and I opened all the compartments and pockets, I began to get a bit excited if I’m being honest.
I have, for the best part of 4 years, been using the Alta Rise 48 bag, a no nonsense rucksack, and fantastic in its own right but I have been looking for something that I can really customise as my own. I have been reluctant to upgrade my bag because of this, and because I haven’t found anything that has wowed me.
This bag has a really unique design to it, very different from the usual Vanguard bags. It almost has a pattern on the outside, with the horizontal bands that go round the front and sides, but these are actually for attaching various extras, such as a lens pouch, or a tripod holder (that comes with the bag).
I have a large collection of filters, which I can fit into one of the large exterior pockets with ease, and the top front pocket has a great compartment for cards, and batteries. Also there is outrageous amounts of room in various pockets that hold my wired cable release, as well as pens, maps, and other various bits and pieces.
It comes with a tripod foot pocket that attaches to the outside, and also a drinks bottle holder.
The main compartment, is absolutely enormous. Of course it is completely customisable, from completely empty, to inserts to create spaces for bodies and lenses all over the place.
I have configured it to hold my D600 and 80-200mm together, as this is my most used setup, but I have created space for another body with lens attached, plus three other lenses, various hoods, and also a compartment that holds my slot in filter kit and filter pouch.
There is a quick entry pocket in the side of the bag for easy access but I have chosen not to utilise this. I have in the past but I love the size of this bag and have set it up the way that is most effective for me. I do a lot of time-lapse shooting so having two bodies is a must for me, and I find it so convenient having the space for everything I need.
On the inside of the rear access is a compartment for a 15 inch laptop.
There are clips attached to the straps that help with stability for if you were to go to the hills or to wear for any walking. ​​​​​​​
In conclusion, if you haven’t realised it already, I absolutely love this rucksack. It is the bag that I have always wanted Vanguard to produce. I have used their bags for about 5 years now, and this one is by far my favourite.
I’ll leave the link for it below, along with a 20% code for the website, feel free to use it at your leisure!
Thanks for reading.
Discount code : VA-TIP-20
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