My wife and I have been using the Alta Access 38X shoulder bag for the past couple of months, I have used it as a walk around bag a few times, but most of the time it has been used as a standby bag for my my wife, who volunteers for Remember my baby, as a Photographer.
First off, there is so much room in this bag, it's unbelievable. It usually has a full size DSLR with attached 24-70, plus 50mm prime, 70-300 and flashgun. As well as an LED light panel with VESTA tripod attached, plus some folders, Tablet, batteries and other accessories. With room to spare.

There is plenty of room for Kit

I find is a very large bag, which is absolutely fine for the kind of thing you will be using it for. I wouldn't use it to climb up a mountain, but it holds everything you need for studio work, weddings or any other portrait work. Everything is very accessible via either a huge flap that both clips and zips, for security, or a straight line zip on the top that gives you quick access in the top of the bag even when the flap is closed.

I found myself using the quick-entry zip often

It comes with a huge wide strap for comfort when you have it on your shoulder. It also provides an extra strap that connects between the bag and the carry strap to create a harness that spreads the load much better and makes it easier for you to carry for longer periods of time or if you are in a hurry.

The Large size of the bag, and wide strap, make this bag perfect for the Travelling Photographer

There is an included patch with the word "PRESS" on it, if you are working as a journalist or band or sports photographer, that Velcros onto the front of the bag to identify that you are working if that is needed.
Another interesting feature, which I feel that Vanguard has created really well, is a foldaway Tripod Harness System. This one opens from the bottom of the bag, for the tripod to hang beneath the bag, whereas on my Rise 43, it folds out from the side. I think this system is ingenious and I am glad they have incorporated it into this bag also.
Overall, we are very happy with this bag, it sits, packed and ready for the next job, knowing that everything fits in that is needed, with room to spare.
It is the perfect bag for a photographer who needs access to it regularly and needs to carry a variety of kit.
These next couple of images were taken on a walk around Dundee, while using this bag, with attached tripod.
DC Thomson Building, Courier place, Dundee
DC Thomson Building, Courier place, Dundee
Oor Wullie, Light painting, Meadowside, Dundee
Oor Wullie, Light painting, Meadowside, Dundee
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