Recently Ben Leng was offered the opportunity to try Luminar 4 and produce a short review as to his opinions, you can find it below.
"Luminar 4 offer a quick, but effective editing tool and is a great package, but the real wonder comes when you click on the 'AI Sky Replacement'"
"Overall, a very powerful software editing suite and it gives amazing results with very little effort. You can use it as a stand alone platform to process images right out of the camera, or use it can be used to complement your existing workflow"
Ben Likes:
It's pretty straight forward to use, albeit that I have had to adapt and learn a new editing panel and that comes with its own frustrations, but give it a couple of days and it falls into place and seems all too familiar;
Because the panel is laid out differently, it can be slightly confusing to find tools as you edit, but a quick Google search will reveal a wealth of information to help you through, including an abundance of YouTube content;
Using some kind of sorcery, Luminar 4 will identify and select the sky in an image with remarkable accuracy, allowing quick and easy sky replacements. 
A tip from Ben is "I couldn’t for the life of me find a way to remove chromatic aberration fringing! Turns out it is in the 'Canvas' menu under 'Lens and Geometry' in case you wonder"
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