I was recently given the opportunity to test some filters for my Mavic pro drone, by Kase filters UK.
I'm relatively new to aerial photography, and videography, but I'm no stranger to filters whatsoever, so I took it on as a bit of a challenge and something different to have a go at.
Upon receiving the filters, they are in a metal box, with a foam insert which the filters snugly sit in. It is lovely and compact and fits into just about every pocket both in your camera bag, or on your person.
Kase sent me a filter pack, that has a circular polarizer, a 0.6 graduated neutral density filter, and ND8 filter, and an ND16 filter.
The neutral density filters when used on drones are much more effective for video then they are for photography. It was great using the polarizer for photography, and the couple of images I took with the graduated neutral density filter , worked pretty well. with the polarizer comma it's not like cutting a circular polarizer on the front of a DSLR camera lens, where you can rotate it to get the effect that you want. It cuts out glare and enhances reflections and colors. it's very effective on foliage, and water. When shooting at sunset or sunrise, it really enhances colours.
The graduated neutral density filter, covers half the filter with ND, and is more like I am used to. I only used it a couple of times, and I'd never thought of a GND for aerial photography, but there is real potential there.

2 Images both taken with the Graduated ND filter

The ND 8 and ND 16 filters, are for lengthening the image exposure or reducing the shutter speed for video. After doing some research and reading up on filters, it is suggested that a filter is used to stop the shutter speed down to double the video frame rate (fps). In most instances, the fps is either 30 or 24, so you ideally want the shutter speed to be 1/60 or 1/50, for the smoothest video footage.
The Kase filters, are absolutely up to the job. The ND8 is great for cloudy days, and the ND 16 Is brilliant in all but the brightest of conditions. Sometimes when there was no clouds and a high sun I found myself wishing for a darker filter, but it absolutely does the job in most conditions, I found.
All in all, I would absolutely recommend the Kase Mavic Pro filters. There are better known brands out there, but Kase have a great reputation on the filter market already, and these filters are very well made, and very neutral. I have heard great things about Kase Filters for DSLR cameras, and if the quality of these drone filters are anything to go on, then I don't doubt for a second that these stories are true!
Please find below, a video, taken using these filters.
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